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Principal's Corner (JANUARY)



Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, Community Members, Staff, & Faculty,


As we say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019 I would like to focus on a few things.  2018 has been a great year for TOMS!  We have seen a lot of growth and progress in student achievement.  Our school has grown from 180 students to 200 students.  We have welcomed new staff and students to our school.  Are discipline numbers have been down.  In general a lot of great things are happening.  Now, on to 2019.  Now that we have gained momentum we need to continue to keep this pace.  It is important for our students to attend school, not be late or leave early.  To eat a healthy balanced meal and to dress warm during these cold months.  We want to continue to increase on our exams and let's make it a resolution to do everything in our power to become a "B" School, I believe that we can do this!  Thank you for all that you do and for all of your continued support!




Tony E. Morrison

TOMs Principal