Principal's Corner (MARCH)

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, Community Members, Staff and Faculty,
This will be a busy month, and a short month.  We have testing to complete, our 3rd quarter Interim test will be March 9th and 10th our 8th grade science test will be march 12.  Thank you for helping us by ensuring student attendance during testing.  March 13th is the last day of quarter 3 all student work must be in prior to this date.  In addition from March 16-20 is Spring Break.  I hope all are able to enjoy the time off, please be safe!  Also, at school we are encouraging the students to wash hands often.  Right now, washing hands is a very effective way to stay healthy and to keep from getting sick.  Thank you Tohatchi community for your continued support!
Anthony E. Morrison
Tohatchi Middle School Principal