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About Tohatchi Middle School



Together Molding Scholars



The Tohatchi Middle School community will strive to provide a safe environment that allows children the confidence to be creative builders of their own future by embracing their culture, developing positive character and celebrating academic achievement in all subject areas.






Dear Parents/Guardians, Students, Community Members, Staff, & Faculty:


Welcome Back!


I hope everyone had a wonderful, restful and joyous Summer Break.  I am excited that everyone is back to school and ready to learn.  Our number of students continues to increase each year and we are honored to serve each student.  This year we are happy to welcome 5 new teachers; Gale Ponciano-7th Grade Math, Bethel Yating-7th Grade ELA, Gilbert Ramas-Middle School Science, Marly Trinidad-Middle School Science, & Michael Wright-Middle School Computer Science.  We thank each of them for coming to our school!  Next, as part of our effort to follow the District Plan Elevate 2022 we will be working with each student to develop career and college readiness skills.  Finally, while I know it is inconvenient we are trying to make your school a safer place.  We are asking Parents/Guardians not to park in the bus zone, we are asking all visitors to sign in when entering our building and this year we now have a Security Check-In Outpost building, it will operate from 7:30am-9:00am each morning and from 2:00pm-3:30pm each afternoon.  We are asking all visitors to stop at the Security Outpost building to sign in during the times listed.  This will take time to get used to but this is for the increased safety of the students.  I look forward to another great year and I thank everyone for their continued support!




Anthony E. Morrison

TOMs Principal